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My books!

July 22, 2015
I might not have as much books as some famous blogger or booktuber, but I'm getting there!
Today, I'm sharing with you my bookshelves. Yes, they do take up most of my room!

So first, we have  picture of my entire bookshelves (well almost, I couldn't back up enough to take a picture of the entire thing. My bad!). There is either 300 or 400 hundres books in there. One third of it are french. As you can see, I also have some ''decorations''

Here's a picture of the top part. To the left are two shelves with my favorites books on it. Then to the right, my other books are
placed alphabetically by titles.
Finally, you have the middle part with some of the ''decorations'' I was telling you about.

Here's a close up of a box my older sister gave me a couple of christmas ago. It contains a ton of things related to a special event. I might tell you about it later! There's also a musical snowglobe. It was given to me by my aunt when I was very little. I actually have a collections of those, but the others are stored away. Oh, and there's also a random speaker in the back there!

Here, I have a TBR jar, a small wallet, a fake leather journal (you know, like in the movies?), and this cool coral seashell thing that my grandma brought back from a trip.

And here's my TBR pile that you saw in a previous post!

Now you have a close up of my two FAV shelves. On it I have a jar of pennies that I'm saving for cool adventures, two collectable dolls that were give to me by yet another family member, two cases for my glasses, a harry potter wand that I made, and my 2015 resolutions (the small white paper in the middle).
Is my love for Rick Riordan a bit obvious? Maybe, considering that I own 14 of his books... But what can I say, I'm a devoted fan! And you see? I even kept a small place for his new series that's coming out this fall!

Going from left to right, top to bottom, I have a stuffed Asterix from work, some other promotions from work, a gift from my friend, a stuffed Obelix, some ''collectible'' How to Train your Dragon toys, an ADORABLE giraffe that was given to me by a friend and a Winnie the Pooh piggy bank. At the end are some notebooks with short stories in them, my yearbooks, some magazines and some comics.

 There you have it, my bookshelves! I know, the pictures are not top quality, but I'm no photographer (clearly) and it's the best I could do. And yes, I do have a lot of stuff that are not books, but they're all memories and I like having them on display.

How many books do you own?