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Hit, by Delilah S. Dawson - review -

August 31, 2015
This week's review will be a little bit different. You know when people tweet their reactions while watching a TV show? (I should do that with Teen Wolf...) Unfortunately, you can't really do that with a book, cauz, well you know... One hour to watch a TV show VS one day or more to read a book?

Anyways. I did not tweet my every reactions regarding Hit, but I did write them down/folded the corner of the page to remember it. (Sacrilège! Damaging a book! I know people... But let's make a debate about it in another post shall we?)

it's actually not a possibility, it's a fact

*It's kind of a slow start. But not all books start with a BANG! Give it a chance Sophie*

*Do I like this dark vibe? Not sure. I'm not really in the right mood for it...*

*What the hell is this name? Patty? Delilah, why did you name your character hamburger?*

*Ok seriously? She just killed that man WAY too easily. She didn't even shed a tear? What the fuck?*

*I like the name Wyatt. Charmed all the way!*

*I like this relationship between Patty and Wyatt; I-hate-you-I-like-you kind of thing. Seems legit*

*Her uncle?!?! OMG! is her dad part of the bank? OMG!*

*''Break a leg tiger''? 
You're kidding right? NO ONE says stuff like that! Don't ever call me a tiger or else... (p.110)*

*Awwww! I want a guy to hug me like that! (p.123)*

*''Wyatt Beard, ex-rich boy, music geek, lacrosse god, and walking stomach'' 
Teen Wolf reference, yes! And ''walking stomach''? I'm dying of laughter! (p.127)*

*So true! Why do people get those stupid songs as doorbells? Stick with the original man... stick with the original. (p.139)*

*Um... This doesn't seem realistic. A guy pulling away from a hot kiss? All the guys I know think with their d*ck and would never act as such gentleman. They would not brake a hot kiss like that unless they were getting condoms or the girl broke away first. But hey, if those guys exists, please, where can I meet one?*

*''You think I just, what? Want you for your body? Like you're some disposable comfort fuck on my exciting adventure? (...) When you kissed me, that was the first for me. I wouldn't even know how to use your body, okay? So sue me for liking you and wanting to be close to you and not knowing how to show it'' 
LOVE THIS! That would be me a 100% (p.194)*

*''Lilac who?'' ''Lilac you'' 
What does that even mean? Lilac you... Oh! I like you! Wait, seriously? Just say I like you, it's confusing for nothing. (p.195)*

*''Your obsession with Pirates of the Caribbean needs to stop'' 
Not it doesn't. Keep it up, I insist. (p.211)*

*''I mouth thank you'' 
Your boyfriend just shot a god damn man who hadn't done ANYTHING wrong in the back. AND YOU SAY THANK YOU? (p.241)*

*They are cousin? Her dad worked for Valor?! Wow, I was actually right! (p.288)*

*I get it. Guys don't know what to do we girls start crying. That's fine, you're uncomfortable. BUT DON'T TAKE US ON YOUR LAP AND THEN RUB OUR BACK WHILE SAYING STUFF LIKE ''Come on, now''!*

*'' a different world he would be my champion, my knight, my protector. But here he's just been my chauffeur, my chef, my shield.'' 
First: get yourself together girl! You're not a damsel in distress in a fucking Disney movie, you're  young women, strong a capable. And you killed people. Be your own freaking knight! Second: this doesn't even make sense. I don't know what the author was trying to achieve, but it did not work.*

*Wait. there is going to be a second book? I didn't sign up for that.*

That's it. My every thought while reading Hit. As soon as I finished it, I wanted to give it 4 branch because of all the cutesy scenes, mostly. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought about the things I did not like. In the end, this book gets two branch. It wasn't awful, far from it. But there was too many wrong in my opinion. The idea was really cool, but the execution, not so much. I will not be reading the next book.